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Welcome to Awesome Electrical Services

Awesome Electrical Services is an Electrical Services company aiming to take the market with excellent customer care, professional and top quality workmanship, giving our clients competitive rates, but most of all, value for their money. We will go beyond the norm on all our services. Because we have faith in our services, we offer guarantees on any work done. We aim to think of our customers needs at all times and give them the best service possible.

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Why We are Awesome


We Make It Personal

We take our business seriously, therefore we see all clients as family. We commit to excellent service delivery with obtaining quality and reliability every time.


Awesome Vision & Values

< Our Vision is >: • Best Value for Money, • Biggest in the Market within 10 years, • Top Quality Workmanship • Business of the Year. < Our Values are >: • Full Customer Care, • Professionalism, • Awesome Quality, • Awesome Reliability • Awesome Availability.


Awesome Mission

Awesome Electrical Services’ intend to become the leader in the electrical market by giving our customers: Professional, top quality service with excellent customer care. We will commit ourselves to “CONSTANT AND NEVER-ENDING IMPROVEMENT” in every aspect of our business.


The Whole of Gauteng

Awesome Electrical Services can give awesome service all throughout the Gauteng province. From Vanderbijlpark to Kudube.